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hs vogelsang lake
#!dcdisplay.\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Date~08.09.2000; Shot=xxxx.xx.xx; Source=Local:Staff; Time~03:59; Type=Picture;.行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fs16\\b\HIGH SIERRA: VOGELSANG\fs12\\b0\......VOGELSANG High Sierra Camp lies above the timberline at 10,300' and it beautiful lake beckons hikers to cool off in it but those who tary too long may find themselves suffering from hyperthermia by soaking in the freezing snow melt.....\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行行.\fp\\i0\\b\\fs16\Digital Collections/IPTC..\fp\\b0\\i0\\fs10\Photographer=Pk_Weis; .